The Spanish youth phenomenon, YouTuber, TikToker, and more, Larissa Kimberlly, has released a book titled

Humana, no perfecta – Human, not perfect.

And one could say that the title is more accurate than Larissa Kimberlly imagined.

Her family is deeply involved in scams and frauds on the Costa del Sol near Marbella in Spain.

In fact, her family is wanted in Spain for these frauds. There is an arrest warrant out for both her stepfather David Topping and her mother Miria Boisard.

These frauds and thefts have been going on for years, and Larissa Kimberlly is fully aware of what has been happening. David Topping and Miria Boisard fled Spain like cowards in 2022 with the police on their heels.

The money her family has swindled is now being used to build a luxury house in the city XX where her family lives and comes from.

The mastermind behind these frauds is David Topping from Preston in the UK. For several years, he has been active on the Costa del Sol, continuing his frauds from Preston.

In many cases, together with his Brazilian wife, who is Larissa Kimberlly’s mother – Miria Boisard.

These frauds have cost countless innocent people their savings. We are aware of at least 20 cases of this type involving Larissa Kimberlly’s family and innocent investors.

If you have been in contact with Larissa Kimberlly’s family and have been deceived, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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It is frauds of this type for which Larissa Kimberlly’s family is now wanted.

Remember this the next time you see one of Larissa Kimberlly’s innocent videos on TikTok or YouTube.

Or read her book with the telling title.

Some general information on the Marbella scams

Real estate scams in Marbella have been a persistent issue for many years, tarnishing the reputation of this otherwise picturesque coastal city in Spain. These scams often involve deceptive practices by individuals or groups who exploit unsuspecting buyers or investors in the real estate market. Common tactics include false advertising, misrepresentation of properties, fraudulent transactions, and illegal land development schemes.

Many victims of these scams have suffered significant financial losses, with some losing their entire life savings. The scams not only impact individuals but also damage the reputation of the local real estate industry and the city as a whole. Authorities in Marbella have been working to crack down on these fraudulent activities, but scammers continue to find new ways to deceive and defraud people.