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This site dedicates itself to warning people about the serial scammers 123 David Topping and his wife Miria Boisard and their daughter Larissa Kimberlly.

Please share this page and this information so we can get this guy. If you know where he is please send us your info using our contact page. We appreciate that.

Both individuals are persona non grata on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Furthermore, they have scammed several people and have been operating in the area for some time.

Have YOU been the victim of wanted scam artists David Topping and Miria Boisard.

They are perpetrating housing scams along the Costa del Sol in Spain. They have deceived nearly 20 people in the area.

david topping and meria boisard the marbella top scammers with larissa kimberlly

David Topping is a British citizen, 70-years-old and a Preston native who has a history of over 20 years in the Marbella area.

Last seen with his wife Miria when they fled Costa del Sol in a hurry. They are both wanted by police.

An arrest warrant has been issued against them, thus preventing their entry into Spain and likely the entire EU region

They both fled Spain in August 2022 to go live in Brazil.

If you have had any dealings with this pair, or know of their whereabouts, please contact us using the contact form.

If you don’t know who these people are they are the stepfather and mother of the well known influencer:

Larissa Kimberlly.

There is a reward for information that leads to their apprehension.

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