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Just as we thought that all victims for Larissa Kimberlly’s criminal family have been uncovered we encounter two more victims.

Back to Larissa Kimberlly

As the other victims they have been scammed into helping David finishing his renovation project.

Most people have believed all the sugar coated bla bla bla emanating from David and would like to help him survive.

Only to be ripped off in the end.

Larissa kimberlly - new victims for her family's scam appear in Marbella
larissa kimberlly new victims for the scam appears

Larissa Kimberllys family fled with the money to Brazil

Having finished and sold the project people expected to be repaid but nothing like that happened.

Larissa Kimberlly’s criminal family fled to Brazil leaving a lot of people in dire straits back in Marbella.

Some people have lost a lot of money and its aggravating to sit back and watch Larissa Kimberlly living a life in luxury when so many people was left behind with scars on their souls.

A majority have lost all their savings and are left with a tiny pension.

Parents wanted by the police

Both Larissa’s mother Miria Boisard and David Topping are wanted by the police and there is an arrest warrant out for them. They cannot set foot in Spain or the EU without being arrested.

We have confronted Larissa Kimberlly with these facts and she has acknowledged that she knows about them but as she says:

“Yes, I know very well what has happened…”.

So Larissa is supported by these criminals and fraudsters and is thus complicit in the fraud.

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Larissa Kimberly and the Marbella scam

What few people know is that Larissa Kimberllys family is deeply involved in various scams in Marbella.
Typically centered around property scams.

Larissa’s mother Miria Boisard and her stepfather David Topping are both the driving forces behind these scams that have defrauded numerous victims. Often with great losses for their victims as a result.

Larissa Kimberlly is well aware of these scams.

The scams have cost a large number of people considerable amount of money based on sheer fraud of people in Marbella.

Larissa Kimberlly in the media

We have the following TV broadcast in which Larissa Kimberlly is also mentioned.


as well as this video that discusses the fraud in general


So maybe she seems nice but her background is shady and the family has built their finances on fraud.
Remember this the next time you watch one of her silly videos.

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